Скачать [Sparklestock] 109 абстрактных наложений (дым)


18 Фев 2018
Автор: Sparklestock
Название:109 абстрактных наложений (дым)

✔ 109 Variations:
With so many variations, you’ll have no troubles finding the one that you like! These smoke brushes vary from simple elegant waves to complex abstract shapes.✔ High Resolution:
Get the best results with these 2500 pixels Photoshop brushes.✔ Easy to Colorize:
These brushes are extremely easy to use. Just paint a smoke brush on a black layer then colorize it with the Hue/Saturation tool or by adding a Gradient Map adjustment layer and using one of our free smoke gradients.
✔ 10 Free Smoke Gradients:
Get started quickly with 10 free gradient map presets. Go to Layer New Adjustment Layer Gradient Map. Load the gradients included with this download and pick any effect you like:
– Mountain Dew
– Twizzlers
– Gin and Tonic
– Creamsicle
– Purple Drank
– Flaming Lamborghini
– Code Red
– Thermal
– Mint
– Hpnotiq

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